“Volunteer” – The City of Medford has newsletter preparation, summer gardening, parks and recreation, and other volunteer opportunities available.  If you want to donate your time and talent to the Medford community, please call City Hall (507) 455-2866 or email your name, phone number and/or email address to medford(at)medfordminnesota.com

The Medford Civic Club is always looking for volunteers.  The members organize Medford’s Straight River Days weekend events and other activities throughout the year.  This is a great group to join if you want to get to know many residents and help the community.  Visit the Club’s website for contact information  http://straightriverdays.com/

The Medford Diamond Association organizes youth baseball and softball throughout the year.  If you want to volunteer or sign up your kids for baseball or softball, visit the organization’s facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/Medford-Diamond-Association-166310843432537/

“Donate”Medford Park Endowment Fund  The Purpose of the endowment fund is to provide money to the City of Medford for new equipment, and or repairs to existing equipment, in Straight River Park.

Your donation will be placed in the endowment fund; the principal of that fund can never be touched, the interest may only be used for additions or improvements to Medford’s Parks.

Over the years, many people have donated money as a memorial for their loved ones who have passed away.  People have also donated money as a gift because of their love for the park.

To make a contribution to the Medford Park Endowment, please mail your contribution to:

City of Medford

c/o Medford Park Endowment Fund

408 2nd Ave SE

Medford, MN 55049 


*Please write on the check’s memo line or on a paper enclosed with your contribution “Medford Park Endowment Fund”