Licenses and Permits

Before you begin constructing, enlarging, altering, repairing or removing any building or accessory structure within the City, you must obtain a zoning permit from the City.  Examples of buildings or accessory structures include:

Deck, fence, gazebo, utility/hoop shed, house, garage, pool, retaining wall, etc.

The City of Medford requires residents to obtain an impervious surface zoning permit for the installation of a gravel, pavement, or concrete parking area, driveway, etc.

For any building over 200 sq. ft., you must also obtain a building permit from Steele County. 

Building Permits -- The City of Medford contracts with Steele County for building inspections and permitting. Please contact 507-444-7475 with questions.

Request_for_Action_Form.pdfDirections for Submitting a Zoning Permit

Zoning Permit and Review Form

New_Home_Zoning_Permit.pdf and Site Plan Review Form

New Commercial or Industrial Zoning Permit Site Plan and Review Form

Fence Permit

Impervious Surface Permit

Pool Permit

Sign Permit

Moving Permit

Removal Permit

Transient Merchant Permit

Public Hearing Request Application

Variance Request Application

Conditional Use/Interim Use Permit

Application for Lot Split/Lot Combination

Short-Term Food Permit Application

Right-of-Way Obstruction, Excavation, and Small Wireless Facility