The City of Medford 

Sand and Sandbags

The City of Medford has made sand and sandbags available for City residents use if residents are experiencing localized flooding.  The sand and sandbags are located in the City Hall parking lot.  Additional sandbags are located under the overhang or roof of City Hall. 

Please do not park on City streets during snow events

The City of Medford requests that vehicles not be parked on the city streets during future snow events in the winter/spring of 2019 until all snow has been cleared from the street.  Thank you for making it easier for the City’s public works crew to remove the snow during this record breaking snowy season!

Fire Hydrant Snow Removal

 Removing snow around fire hydrants can help firefighters save a structure from burning to the ground.  Please remove snow around hydrants in your neighborhood.


Water Service Line Public Notice

The arctic temperatures that settled into Minnesota this year created the potential for water service lines freezing in the coming month(s).  Please continue reading to help prevent your water service line from freezing. 

An indicator of an impending water service line freeze up is to check the temperature of your water after running it until it is cold. (Allow your water to run until it is cold then check the temperature). The water temperature should be around 45 degrees. If the temperature drops to 40 degrees or below, you may have an impending freeze up and the frost may be getting close to your service line.

You can help prevent your line from freezing by running the cold water from a faucet at a stream slightly less than a pencil size.

Running your water is a proactive approach you can take to prevent your water line from freezing. By being proactive and running your water you can avoid the inconvenience of not having water at your property.

If you take the temperature of your water and determine that you need to run your water, contact the City (455-2866) to let staff know that you will be running the water at your property.   

For specific questions regarding water service lines, please contact the Public Works Staff at 507-451-7676.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

 City of Medford


New LED Street Lights

Steele Waseca Cooperative Electric will be installing new LED streetlights throughout the majority of the City of Medford.  The new lights are being installed as an energy efficiency program.



Medford is located 45 miles south of the Twin Cities between Faribault and Owatonna directly off Interstate 35.  According to MNDOT, an average of 33,300 vehicles, traveling I35, pass by Medford daily.  The highest one day traffic count in 2016 was 49,075.   

Medford has beautiful park areas with a variety of family recreational activities including a softball diamond, volleyball courts, tennis courts, basketball court, and walking paths.

The downtown area of Medford has a variety of businesses to meet your everyday needs. Along with abundant housing opportunities, the wonderful school district makes Medford a great place to call home.

Medford has huge opportunities for commercial and industrial business along Interstate 35. Home of the Medford Outlet Center, Furniture Outlet and Ritchie Bros. Auctioneers.

16 Acres of Developable Land for Sale (Zoned Residential):  Medford Public Schools is selling 16 acres of prime real estate.  Contact Berkshire Hathaway Home Services for more information:  (507) 451-7355.



Rice and Steele 911 Center Notification System